Our Testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about our services
I couldn't be happier with the outcomes of my experience with SalesPlus. The whole team got on board with Holos Skincare, putting a clear plan in place, that was executed fully. The results are shown in several new Northern Ireland based stockists, many lucrative sales leads and some positive relationships that will reap rewards into the future. On a personal level I couldn't have asked for a more friendly and easy going exchange. The SalesPlus team are the dream team to work with and I would recommend them to anyone striving to create sales leads for their business
I found SalesPlus an excellent company to deal with; they understood our needs and used their connections in our marketplace to help open doors to new business. With their in depth knowledge of the Northern Ireland I would definitely recommend SalesPlus to other companies looking to sell in Northern Ireland.
I have done business with Michael McElroy for more than five years. I have found his business sharpness, his diligence and his good common sense exceptional. He has engaged with my expanding business over that time and his inputs have been very positive for me and the team. I was delighted to be selected above a range of design houses to assist SalesPlus in an online and offline marketing capacity as they formally launched their new business. I wish SalesPlus every success and I have recommended and will continue to recommend any growing business to meet with SalesPlus to understand and implement a strategy on how they can help you
We launched our first trial Tiger Store in Dun Laoighaire in November 2011. Since then we have grown to have a chain of 8 stores in the Republic of Ireland. We will shortly open a store in Patrick St in Cork. We have plans to expand to Northern Ireland in 2014/2015. During our launch, and then as we developed, we turned to SalesPlus to carry out research project work to assist with our expansion plans. We were very pleased with the deliverables and our interactions with the SalesPlus team - which at all times were positive and dynamic. We look forward to using SalesPlus in the future, and wish them every success. We are happy to recommend them to other progressive businesses.
James Doherty Meats are a well-established brand in the North West. Operating from Derry and with strong market penetration in Donegal, we wanted to increase our market presence in the rest of Ireland. SalesPlus were enormously helpful in identifying where there were possible opportunities in the marketplace and how to go about converting these opportunities. We would certainly use SalesPlus again for future market development needs.
Willie is the best person we have ever worked with in any government organisation. This guy gets stuff done.
I was surprised how quickly Willie got to grips with a clear understanding of our business and our sales needs. I was equally surprised by the breadth of his knowledge and his contacts in a business sector that he doesn't deal with all the time. His professional approach and affable character opened doors that we would have struggled with. I would have no hesitation recommending SalesPlus. Not only will they do a good job, but there will be a bit of 'craic' along the way!
Willie is a unique individual that has the ability to operate at the top of his game with both a PLC and a start up business. He is a strategist, a clear thinker and has a great nose for business. I trust Willie to the highest degree possible and have no hesitation in recommending him. Willie is a true expert in his field that could easily run the country!!!