Sarah Smyth

Client Research & Support Executive

As Client Research and Support Executive, Sarah aims to get the best results for each company that she works with. At SalesPlus, Sarah has the opportunity to work with clients throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, allowing her to create contacts and learn across a multitude of Sectors. She uses this knowledge to help develop and grow the companies that she works with.

What does Sarah bring to SalesPlus?

Sarah has recently graduated from University College Dublin with a Masters in Geopolitics and the Global Economy. A native of County Monaghan, Sarah has a strong interest in cross border cooperation and activities. Her Masters focused on cross border relationships and development.While completing her Masters, she worked in various customer service positions within the food and retail industry in both Dublin and Monaghan. Sarah has many passions outside of work, which include cooking, learning new languages (currently Italian), and live music.