Welcome to SalesPlus!

SalesPlus is a multi-professional business sales consultancy firm. We provide a first-class service through our innovative, expert consultants who deliver client projects to the highest standards. Our consultants possess a wide range of skills, vast experience and knowledge to make your goals a reality. From sales and marketing (traditional or digital) to financial advice, SalesPlus is the company that can help your business grow and reach its maximum potential, allowing you to focus on the other demands of your business.
At SalesPlus our mission is to help you grow your business
We will work with you in three key areas to achieve success:

We Sell for You – increase sales through thorough market research, customised contact Databases, marketing, direct contact with prospects, sales meetings and achieving those targets.

At our FinancePlus division, based on Eamon’s extensive experience, he can advise on and guide you through a wide range of financial transactions including Banking Proposals, Grant Funding Applications, Cashflow Projections, Mergers & Acquisitions and Company Sales.
We can help you create or increase your online presence – which, in todays world is key to promoting your product or service. Through building awareness for your brand online, you also can build a relationship with your target audience. The relationship between a brand and its audience is key to a brand’s success – after all, people buy from people, right?