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SalesPlus - Delivering and maximising sales results


We can offer the following services to your business:


  • We can carry out telephone or online market research
  • We can conduct telephone or online satisfaction surveys
  • We can follow up on leads generated for other sales and marketing activity


  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mail campaigns/mailshots
  • Telephone follow up
  • Telephone canvassing
  • Telephone appointment setting
  • Telesales

We will be your sales team

  • We offer a full tailored sales solution for partner client companies
  • We have the people, the expertise and the sales processes to optimise your sales
  • We can do it more cost effectively than many companies can do themselves.
  • We will deliver a clear understanding of what works well & what requires adjusting in your business


  • We can arrange and execute promotions
  • We can provide high impact stands and material for exhibitions/tradeshows
  • We can provide additional professional selling resource for exhibitions/tradeshows
  • We can assist with training for key personnel for these events

Preparation to sell to the Retail multiples

  • Preparing a costed pitch
  • Accompanied negotiation
  • Finalising supply contract
  • Assembling logistics for profitable implementation
  • Agreeing payment terms
  • Delivering & maximising sales results

Select and negotiate wholesaler or distribution agreements

  • Preparing a costed pitch
  • Accompanied negotiation
  • Finalising supply contract
  • Negotiating order and delivery schedules
  • Agreeing payment terms
  • Ensuring optimum coverage & profitable distribution
Willie-Maxwell, Marketing Director,
Michael McElroy, Operations Director,
Willie-Maxwell, Commercial Director,
Siobhan Brennan, Client Research and Support Manager,