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We offer a partner led intervention in every assignment.

Our Partners, Willie Maxwell and Michael McElroy have managed sales and marketing programmes, through which they have assisted hundreds of small and medium sized businesses to increase their sales both in the home market and in export markets. They are both very familiar with the key operators in the Irish markets, north and south. They are experienced in recruiting, mentoring and managing salespeople and transitioning graduates into sales development roles.

They are both familiar with the Development Agencies and are effective in leveraging sources of funding support.

 Willie Maxwell, Marketing Director

Willie Maxwell, Marketing Director

Michael McElroy, Operations Director

Michael McElroy, Operations Director

John Owens
Commercial Director
John has 30 years’ experience in business development, key account and commercial management.  Many of these have been spent working at senior director level, designing, Read More
Siobhan Brennan
Client Research and Support Manager
Siobhan joined AOL when they set up in Ireland and then worked for several years in the BPO services division of global media company Bertelsmann. Read More


SalesPlus has assembled a team of Associates across the island of Ireland and internationally. SalesPlus can call on a variety of world class expertise in a variety of sectors.
Each of our associates is:

  • Sales focused
  • Market centred
  • Results driven
  • Self motivated

All SalesPlus team members have:

  • Direct selling experience
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Extensive knowledge of the specific sectoral markets in Ireland and internationally
  • A wide knowledge of development agencies and funding to accelerate sales
  • Expertise in devising and implementing eCommerce and social media sales and marketing campaigns

SalesPlus are the winning team for your business

Willie-Maxwell, Marketing Director,
Michael McElroy, Operations Director,
Willie-Maxwell, Commercial Director,
Siobhan Brennan, Client Research and Support Manager,